Release of Liability: I understand there are risks associated with all activities including Basketball activities. I agree not to hold the Canadian Basketball League, its directors, officers, agents and volunteers liable for any claims of damages or injury to me or my property that may occur through the normal course of Basketball. I understand the CBL leadership will make every reasonable attempt to provide a safe environment for the tryouts.

Medical Custody Release: I authorize the Leadership of the Canadian Basketball League to seek and authorize medical attention in the event I need medical care for emergency reasons. I understand a call will be made to the parents/guardians, however, if contact cannot be made on first call, assistance will be authorized by the Canadian Basketball League leaders.

Zero Tolerance Policy: I accept that the CBL enforces a zero tolerance policy for any violence or aggressive language. I understand that any violation of this policy will result in immediate removal from the tryout.




I do hereby grant unlimited permission to the Canadian Basketball League to photograph/video and to publish the said photograph(s)/video(s) of myself, in whole or partially, on the Canadian Basketball League website and in related Canadian Basketball League and CBL promotional brochures, advertisements and videos for the purpose of promoting the Canadian Basketball League. I hereby waive all rights of privacy and/or compensation for me which I, or she/he, may have in connection with the use of my, or her/his, photograph, likeness, depiction or story, or any or all of them, in or in connection with said Canadian Basketball League websites, still photography, or video/film and any use to which the same or any material therein may be put, applied or adapted by Canadian Basketball League in connection with the promotion of the Canadian Basketball League. I hereby grant the Canadian Basketball League permission to edit, crop, or retouch such photographs, and waive any right to inspect the final photographs.